Studio Team


Light and timelessness. Detail and style.

Ultralight lamps are recognizable and timeless – a source of not only light, but also chic and elegance. They work equally well in classic and modern interiors. Their style is accentuated by meticulous manufacturing and attention to detail.

At Ultralight, we boast a creative approach to challenges. When required, we modify our projects, not only by altering colours, size or materials (steel, chrome, brass, copper), but also by creating individual projects on the basis of our catalogue models, tailoring them to our customers’ expectations.
At every stage of production, lamp parts are handmade by verified subcontractors and their quality is supervised by designer Maciek Kossowski. Architect Agnieszka Kossowska is responsible for the lamps’ perfect harmony with interiors.


Maciej Kossowski
A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, he cofounded PROJEKTOR Architects studio, where he designed single-family homes and commercial buildings. After years of professional practice in Poland and abroad, he turned towards small forms and workshop experience, which armed him with thorough knowledge of technology and materials.
In 2014, he founded Ultralight, a company which enables him to combine his great creativity with metalworking skills and to draw from his engineering expertise as well as his experience of an architect. He never ceases to create, be it for the company or his personal needs, sketching, designing, welding, polishing, varnishing. As a perfectionist, he pays great attention to detail and the overall quality of his projects. Open-mindedness and curiosity continue to fuel his passion for lamp design.

Agnieszka Kossowska
Graduate and postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology changed her view of the world.
She was the cofounder and longtime head of the BAUMILLERKOSSOWSKA studio, designing interiors and buildings in her own unique style. She had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous media, fashion and entertainment personalities. She joined the Ultralight team in 2019. Since 2020 runs her own architecture studio – KOSSOWSKA.
Enthusiastic approach to creating, ability to listen and respond to investors’ needs, as well as great intuition for the character of a space are her greatest assets. She can creatively and functionally handle any designing task.